Launches Operation Allegiance, a grass roots effort to encourage similar adoptions nationwide

Colonia, NJ – May 28, 2014 – Ray Saluccio never served in the military but is serving today, having “adopted” Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #6061 in Colonia, New Jersey. Saluccio, a resident of Colonia and owner of two local businesses, can frequently be seen making repairs to the post, maintaining the grounds or power-washing the building. He also negotiates with vendors to secure goods and services at lower prices and donated $1,200 toward the post’s roof repair.
Saluccio funds his adoption of Post #6061 through his two businesses – SolarCure, a cause marketing firm, and Astro Sweep Inc., a parking lot power washing service – and his own pocket.

Through SolarCure, which recruits business sponsorship of solar panels for VFW posts to help them reduce energy costs while providing the sponsoring businesses with green and veteran friendly purposeful marketing, Saluccio is working toward installing a solar array at Post #6061. To date he has enlisted 16 businesses toward financing the installation.

Future work on the post Saluccio will sponsor and, in many cases, perform himself will include painting the building, providing LED lighting for the interior and exterior and paving the parking lot.

“Ray has put his heart and sweat into all he has done for us,” said Romano Peretti, the post’s quarter master. “He is a trusted advisor who knows how to get things done.”

“I am convinced that the viability of these great veteran organizations should be a byproduct of a group effort,” Saluccio said, “an effort where small and mid-sized companies create a more sustainable future for these great organizations by offering support, both financially and through helping hands.”

Toward that end Saluccio has launched Operation Allegiance, a grass roots effort to encourage other businesses throughout the United States to adopt local VFW posts and provide ongoing support.

As U.S. veterans age, enrollment in the Veterans of Foreign Wars has dropped from 1.8 million in 2004 to 1.4 million today, according to the VFW headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. The number of posts worldwide has dropped from more than 9,000 to approximately 7,000 during that time and posts are closing throughout the nation as the country’s veteran population passes on. More than 45 percent of U.S. veterans are aged 65 or older.

“These posts, which provide such important services to their members and to the community as a whole, no longer can sustain themselves through membership fees alone,” Saluccio said. “They open their doors to local fundraisers and go out into the community to support local causes. Adopting a post and providing ongoing support is an ideal way for businesses to say thanks.”

Saluccio has long had a passion for the nation’s veterans. While family obligations kept him from enlisting, his father was a veteran and others throughout his family served, as well.

“Someone has to step up to help these organizations,” he said. “There are so many great organizations serving veterans but I think today people have forgotten the VFW posts. My father was a veteran and I have veterans throughout my family and I wanted to help.”

Saluccio points to the sponsors he has recruited for the proposed solar installation at Post #6061 as proof of the breadth of businesses that can lend their support to local VFW posts. Business sectors among the sponsors include advertising, automotive care, banking, credit card processing, education, floral, HVAC, insurance, IT, landscaping, law, manufacturing, printing, sports and recreation and trucking.

“All these businesses already are supporting Post #6061 by helping the post work toward conversion to solar power,” Saluccio said. “The next step is to convince other businesses through the nation to adopt local VFW posts and help them take care of their daily needs, as well. That’s what Operation Allegiance is all about.”


About SolarCure
SolarCure is a for-profit marketing firm that specializes in helping businesses combine powerful messaging and brand promotion with legitimate, sustainable, renewable green energy practices — all while helping veterans. For more information on career opportunities or how your company can grow its business while helping veterans and the environment, please visit or contact us at

SolarCure Advances Green Technology…Promotes Sustainable Business & Technology

Woodbridge Township, NJ – Raymond Saluccio, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of SolarCure ( announced a campaign geared to provide renewable and sustainable energy alternatives to Veterans’ organizations and facilities located in Woodbridge Township.

CEO Saluccio noted that SolarCure, a “cause marketing” company headquartered in Woodbridge, has plans to install a solar panel array on the premises of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Memorial Post #6061, located in the Colonia section of Woodbridge Township. Community businesses will be engaged to support Post #6061 through the SolarCure ‘Adopt a Solar Panel’ program and that the SolarCure ‘Adopt a Solar Panel’ program enhances on-line ‘brand reputation’ through the distribution and use of innovative search engine optimized (SEO) press releases and social media techniques.

“Through the visionary leadership of Woodbridge Mayor John E .McCormac, the Woodbridge Municipal Council, and the Township Administration, Woodbridge Township has earned a well-deserved national reputation as a municipal leader promoting green and renewable energy,” Saluccio said. “As a Woodbridge-based business, we are honored to play a role in helping both the environment and the well-being of the men and women of the U.S. Armed Services who continue to stand the watch in defense of our national interests.  The ‘Adopt a Solar Panel Program’ will allow the Colonia VFW Post #6061 to operate with little or no energy cost in addition to not paying for the actual cost of installation.”

Mayor McCormac announced that the SolarCure ‘Adopt a Solar Panel’ program, located in the Greenable Woodbridge incubator at the Municipal Building, represents another sustainable business supporting the Township’s efforts as an environmentally-conscious community.  Woodbridge Township was named the Sustainable Jersey™ Silver-Level Champion for the 4th Consecutive Year – leading 41 Sustainable Jersey certified municipalities and 378 participating municipalities in the Sustainable Jersey competition.  “Sustainable Woodbridge” has implemented many environmental initiatives, including a $7 million project to install energy-producing solar panels on municipal buildings and the creation of a ‘green’ business recognition program.  Woodbridge is proud to recognize SolarCure’s efforts to support both our veteran organizations and our on-going environmental initiatives, McCormac said.

Jerry Masin, President of SolarCure, noted the important connection between environmental and job sustainability.  “It is SolarCure’s goal to become a powerful engine for business development, environmental advocacy and support of our military and veterans.  We look forward to active collaboration with Woodbridge Township civic and business leadership regarding our common goals for Veterans and renewable energy,”  Masin said.

About SolarCure:  SolarCure specializes in helping clients combine powerful messaging and promotion with legitimate, sustainable, renewable green energy practices. When this combination is achieved, green branding and marketing practices can help to transform a business’ public perception and open up new markets of loyal customers. The end results of SolarCure efforts are a cleaner environment, more jobs for U.S. veterans, financial savings for non-profits, and a demonstrable increase in website and store traffic for clients ‘Adopting a Solar Panel.’  Visit: for more information.

Auto Repair Center gives free green energy to Veterans

Ray & Dana’s Inman Auto Care, a New Jersey based auto repair center, has recently become a proud sponsor in SolarCure’s Adopt-a-Solar-Panel™ Program. Their generous sponsorship will
purchase a portion of a solar panel installation that will help provide clean, renewable energy and financial savings to a central NJ VFW post (Veterans of Foreign Wars).

A unique green energy initiative that combines solving solar panel energy needs with search engine marketing, Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ also creates awareness for the plight of veterans in need of a job, non-profit organizations and solar panel sponsors. Inman Auto’s solar panel sponsorship will be installed at VFW Post 6061 in Colonia, New Jersey. As part of their participation, news of their adoption is distributed through SolarCure’s concept of Solar Powered SEO™ press releases. Each press release is expertly enhanced for search engine optimization, which has been proven to increase Internet traffic, improve search engine listings and bring other benefits when associated with green branding. Such brands greatly appeal to consumers who are becoming more aware of the need to protect the environment. When coupled with SolarCure’s Solar Powered SEO™, this unique selling point may additionally boost corporate image and public awareness. All-in-all, SolarCure’s Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program assists both non-profit organizations and area sponsors in an exceptional manner designed to create a “win-win-win-win” situation for those involved — the sponsor, the non-profit, Veterans, and the environment. In fact, if you are reading this story online, you are experiencing the news distribution benefits of Solar Powered SEO™ first hand. Should your organization or business require a truly unique marketing method to help you stand out from all the rest in the crowd, then join Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ today!

About Ray & Dana’s Inman Auto Care

As a family-owned and operated small business, Ray & Dana’s Inman Auto Care was established by Mr. Ray Perone back in 1957. His youngest son Dana began working with his father as a teenager and is still there providing award winning service.

The company has been working in the community for over fifty years and offers a wide range of services, including routine maintenance, oil changes, tune-ups, investigating check-engine lights, fixing electrical issues, brake work and many more services. They also provide emergency auto repair work and a certified NJ state inspection center.
They make it a “top priority to take care of your repairs and preventive maintenance as economically as possible, without ever sacrificing our high standards of quality.”
In addition to that, their warranty on repair work exceeds industry standards.

They are an A+ BBB accredited business that has received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List, and an active member in the community as part of the “Colonia Business Community” organization. For more information please visit their website or call 732-388-4939

Join the Adopt-a-Solar-Panel Program

SolarCure specializes in helping clients combine powerful messaging and promotion with legitimate, sustainable, renewable green energy practices. When this combination is achieved, green branding and targeted marketing practices can help to transform a business’ public perception and open up new markets of loyal customers. For more information on how your company can grow its business while helping non-profits, U.S. Veterans, and the environment, please visit or email your questions to