Impact Investing with Purpose with SolarCure



An investment in SolarCure will generate a measurable, beneficial social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. 

Social Impact

  • Helps provide employment for military veterans and ordinary citizens
  • Provides support for non-profit veteran based organizations
  • Increases sustainability awareness for businesses and consumers

Environmental Impact

  • Solar Panel installations reduce co2 emissions and helps slow global warming

Shareholder Impact

  • An aggressive return on investment with low risk based off historical data

SolarCure’s Purposeful Marketing Programs provide businesses both small and large the ability to tap into the increasing consumer demand for 
purpose-driven brands.



” SolarCure is a purposeful marketing company that blends traditional business goals with a social and environmentally driven business model.”
– Raymond Saluccio, Founder / CEO

SolarCure, Incorporated in 2012, based in Colonia, New Jersey, is a cause marketing firm that recruits business sponsorship of solar panels for VFW posts to help them reduce energy costs while providing the sponsoring businesses green and veteran-friendly purposeful marketing that strengthens their own brand. SolarCure is the brain child of Raymond Saluccio, an established inventor, businessman and entrepreneur.



Impact investing is an area between philanthropy and profit maximization that holds immense potential to address the world’s social and environmental challenges, while providing investors with financial returns and accomplishing far more than a traditional charity.

Some businesses make their profit by any means necessary and then focus on philanthropy afterwards but the damage is already done.
By investing in SolarCure, you can reverse this trend by contributing to positive social and economic impacts WHILE making a profit.



SolarCure is seeking 2 million dollars to capitalize its operation. This investment will provide an aggressive return to investors, conservatively 100 percent return on investment dollars, according to Saluccio. Risk has been minimized as the SolarCure model has already begun to show returns for businesses. By design, investment and SolarCure together create dividends both with financial gain and also with great social impact. SolarCure’s unique product offerings will sustain investors and give clients powerful brand leverage and 25 years of patriotic content to influence the company’s image and consumers.


Funds will be used to drive market penetration and develop proprietary (SaaS) software for other services.


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Investing in SolarCure is investing into our country and our environment to provide a safe haven for generations to come.

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