Marketing with Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ and Solar Powered SEO™

The “Adopt-a-Solar Panel” Marketing & Branding Program is a unique method to enhance your company’s reputation and increase branding awareness by sponsoring a solar panel for a non profit veteran organization.

  • Generous clients and commercial organizations “sponsor” a portion of a solar panel, part of the overall solar array installed on a Veteran non profit facility through SolarCure’s “Adopt-A-Solar-Panel” program.
  • The Veteran non-profit organization will use energy generated through solar panels, which translates into free energy in addition to generating income through earning SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits).
    The money the non-profit saves through decreased energy bills can be put to better use towards the non-profits’ mission and re-invested back to Veterans!
  • The sponsor will experience:
    • Nationwide publicity of their sponsorship through SolarCure’s expertly written SEO-enhanced press releases
    • A unique type of branding of their company or services can now tie into the popularity of “Green Branding” and the benefits it created for their company’s image
    • Be known to the nation as a Veteran friendly and patriotic employer
    • Potential increased traffic to their website, place of business, etc.
    • The ability to continuously monitor and publicize their solar panel energy production on a monthly or quarterly basis that will keep their company in the sights of potential consumers.
  • Both the sponsor and the veteran non-profit recipient will receive increased interest through the press release distribution offered when any company adopts a solar panel, greatly boosting their visibility. For the sponsor, increasing public awareness in a unique green way = potential increase in sales, service, clients, customers. For the non-profit, increasing public awareness = potential increase in donations and heightened understanding of the non-profit’s mission.
  • Win-Win-Win Situation. For the sponsor, the non-profit and the environment!

Benefits of Solar Panel Adoption for Sponsor Companies