Benefits of the “Adopt-a-Solar Panel” Marketing & Branding Program for Sponsor Companies

Powerful News

Through SolarCure’s proprietary solar-powered SEO-enhanced Press Releases, the sponsor companies create a commanding news buzz as they increase the use of solar renewable energy to be utilized by those who need it the most: non-profit organizations. Once companies join the “Adopt-a-Solar panel” Marketing and Branding Program, SolarCure’s publicity experts hand-craft a press release that is distributed to over 1,200 media outlets, including but not limited to, major news portals (such as Yahoo, CNN, Bloomberg, etc;), industry specific bloggers, reporters, editors, journalists, and the general public. This creates the potential to reach over 6 million people – which does not even include the thousands reached from social media distribution alone. In social media POWERFUL GOOD NEWS gets SHARED!

Green Branding

Companies who join SolarCure’s “Adopt-A-Solar Panel” Marketing & Branding Program will be recognized as an earth-friendly “green company” through their involvement with solar panel adoption. Green Branding can make any company’s product or service look even better by energizing it with earth-friendly relationships. There is nothing more powerful than when a company participates in green renewable energy and gifts it to a non-profit. In this earth-conscience world, many people or companies specifically look to conduct business with earth-friendly corporations. In these hard economic times, many companies are not able to go green on their own because it would mean spending thousands of dollars to do so. SolarCure’s “Adopt-A-Solar-Panel” Marketing & Branding Program gives all companies, regardless of size or industry, the ability to GO GREEN!

Veteran Friendly Branding

In addition to the multiple Green Branding benefits of the “Adopt-a-Solar Panel” Marketing & Branding Program, this program promotes Sponsors as a Veteran friendly company that supports our Veterans and our Country nationwide. Now a Sponsor can truly state the direct support they are providing to Veteran Service Organizations through our SolarCure program for approximately 25 years or the life of the Solar Array. In addition, a Sponsor will be helping a Veteran find or sustain a career in the Energy Sector as all SolarCure Installers must hire Veterans on their crews or in their firm.  So if you are unable to hire a Veteran in your firm currently, now you can in directly by partnering with SolarCure.

Reputation & Brand Management

You have spent years building your positive business and personal reputation. You’ve invested blood, sweat, and tears. In today’s world, consumers turn to the web for their information and thus their brand perceptions are created online. What people say about your company online has rapidly become a critical business issue. By joining the Adopt-a-Solar Panel Marketing & Branding program, it significantly increases the chance that potential clients/consumers will stumble upon positive news that will help shape your brand and change minds.

Get Noticed

Who would get more attention – a company that installs thousands of dollars of solar panels for their own use or a company that contributes to an adopted solar panel for an organization that is helping out the community? You know the answer! “Adopt-A-Solar-Panel” provides enormous added-value to the sponsor company. This is value that the sponsor can broadcast in its corporate literature, press releases and web-based data. Through an agreement that SolarCure has with a well-known national press release distribution company, the publicity is strewn nationwide via thousands of media outlets, bloggers, editors, and reporters.

Additional Publicity

In addition to press release marketing, the Veteran non-profit supported by your sponsorship may also publicize your company’s generosity throughout their organizations’ materials – reaching hundreds, if not thousands of untapped potential customers.

Economic Support

Companies will no longer feel powerless that they cannot have a positive impact on the course of the economic state of the United States. Every time an adopted solar panel is implemented, more jobs become created, dependence on foreign oil is decreased, and more funds go towards the Veteran non-profit’s critical issues such as hunger, homelessness, emergency management, veteran’s affairs, cancer, etc.


All companies, no matter their size or industry, can adopt a solar panel and use Solar Powered SEO to bring in business and create market awareness – all while feeling they are part of something greater. Finally! A sense of pride in the business world.