Launches Operation Allegiance, a grass roots effort to encourage similar adoptions nationwide

Colonia, NJ – May 28, 2014 – Ray Saluccio never served in the military but is serving today, having “adopted” Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #6061 in Colonia, New Jersey. Saluccio, a resident of Colonia and owner of two local businesses, can frequently be seen making repairs to the post, maintaining the grounds or power-washing the building. He also negotiates with vendors to secure goods and services at lower prices and donated $1,200 toward the post’s roof repair.
Saluccio funds his adoption of Post #6061 through his two businesses – SolarCure, a cause marketing firm, and Astro Sweep Inc., a parking lot power washing service – and his own pocket.

Through SolarCure, which recruits business sponsorship of solar panels for VFW posts to help them reduce energy costs while providing the sponsoring businesses with green and veteran friendly purposeful marketing, Saluccio is working toward installing a solar array at Post #6061. To date he has enlisted 16 businesses toward financing the installation.

Future work on the post Saluccio will sponsor and, in many cases, perform himself will include painting the building, providing LED lighting for the interior and exterior and paving the parking lot.

“Ray has put his heart and sweat into all he has done for us,” said Romano Peretti, the post’s quarter master. “He is a trusted advisor who knows how to get things done.”

“I am convinced that the viability of these great veteran organizations should be a byproduct of a group effort,” Saluccio said, “an effort where small and mid-sized companies create a more sustainable future for these great organizations by offering support, both financially and through helping hands.”

Toward that end Saluccio has launched Operation Allegiance, a grass roots effort to encourage other businesses throughout the United States to adopt local VFW posts and provide ongoing support.

As U.S. veterans age, enrollment in the Veterans of Foreign Wars has dropped from 1.8 million in 2004 to 1.4 million today, according to the VFW headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. The number of posts worldwide has dropped from more than 9,000 to approximately 7,000 during that time and posts are closing throughout the nation as the country’s veteran population passes on. More than 45 percent of U.S. veterans are aged 65 or older.

“These posts, which provide such important services to their members and to the community as a whole, no longer can sustain themselves through membership fees alone,” Saluccio said. “They open their doors to local fundraisers and go out into the community to support local causes. Adopting a post and providing ongoing support is an ideal way for businesses to say thanks.”

Saluccio has long had a passion for the nation’s veterans. While family obligations kept him from enlisting, his father was a veteran and others throughout his family served, as well.

“Someone has to step up to help these organizations,” he said. “There are so many great organizations serving veterans but I think today people have forgotten the VFW posts. My father was a veteran and I have veterans throughout my family and I wanted to help.”

Saluccio points to the sponsors he has recruited for the proposed solar installation at Post #6061 as proof of the breadth of businesses that can lend their support to local VFW posts. Business sectors among the sponsors include advertising, automotive care, banking, credit card processing, education, floral, HVAC, insurance, IT, landscaping, law, manufacturing, printing, sports and recreation and trucking.

“All these businesses already are supporting Post #6061 by helping the post work toward conversion to solar power,” Saluccio said. “The next step is to convince other businesses through the nation to adopt local VFW posts and help them take care of their daily needs, as well. That’s what Operation Allegiance is all about.”


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