Who is behind SolarCure’s Adopt-a-Solar-Panel Marketing & Branding Program?

SolarCure has been created with some of life’s basic components for success in mind – vision, drive, passion and a willingness to aid the environment and veterans as well as others in need. We have brought together the benefits of green renewable energy for a non-profit Veteran organization in need and the utilization of online press release distribution to create a fantastic marketing method. SolarCure’s Adopt-a-Solar-Panel program implements Solar Powered SEO™ so businesses and sponsors can create a buzz about their sustainable practices and veteran support. Never before has there been a promotional tactic devised to provide overwhelming advantages to its participants and also the world at large. Would you like to join SolarCure and make a difference in our country and world? Learn more about SolarCure careers here.

Brigadier General (Ret.) Harris J. Kline

Harris J. Kline

Brigadier General Harris J. Kline
Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

As SolarCure’s Chief Legal Officer (CLO), General Kline has served numerous tours throughout the world and received countless medals, accolades and awards both foreign and domestic for his outstanding support of the United States Air Force’s Legal Corps. While on active duty, General Kline helped close Clark Air Base, Philippines and personally practiced before Filipino judges, securing the release of 63 U.S. servicemen on international hold for which he won the American Bar Association’s Distinguished Service Award. He was the first Reservist to serve as Head of the Air Force Legal Office at both the American Embassy in Canberra, Australia and at Payar Lebar Air Base, Singapore.

Gen Kline created, established and supervised the first program geared to the support of families of deployed reservists; which was adopted across the Department of Defense and was key in establishing humanitarian efforts for Bosnian children during and after hostilities in that country. Gen Kline spearheaded the legal effort to repatriate 1900 evacuees from Lebanon in the wake of hostilities and provided legal support to the massive tsunami relief efforts in Thailand. He recently triumphed during his tour to the Republic of the Congo to teach the Rule of Law to its newly founded professional military; which he did in their native French.


Raymond Saluccio

Raymond Saluccio is the founder of SolarCure and an accomplished inventor and entrepreneur who creates with not only passion but extraordinary vision. Owner, operator and CEO of Astro Sweep since 1989, Raymond has also developed a variety of unique businesses based on his innovative ideas. As an inventor, he has issued several patent applications and has received patent approvals with even more patents pending. Raymond also founded EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp. in order to further develop a system designed specifically to bring affordable solar and wind energy production to the masses. Now with SolarCure as a main priority, his goal is to implement a matrix of Solar Powered SEO™ press releases, solar-powered panel adoption, and green branding to bring optimal exposure to any sized corporate entities.


Angelo Peluso

Angelo Peluso is the Director of Operations for SolarCure. He brings over 25 years of Business Management and Operations experience and various leadership assignments as a commercial Real Estate investor & Developer within the Insurance industry and as an Entrepreneur. Angelo attended Farleigh Dickenson University majoring in Business Management.  In his Director role, Angelo has oversight of Vendor Relations and Subcontracting to include Contract Management.  In addition, Angelo has direct impact to SolarCure’s strategic expansion efforts establishing relationships with Veteran Service Organizations to enable Solar Arrays to be installed nationwide.  His community involvement and volunteer efforts include active roles with his local church as well as coaching youth sports programs.

Sean Juan

Technical Director - Sean Juan

Technical Director

Sean Juan is SolarCure’s Technical Director.  He is a technically rounded professional that understands how technology can be utilized to solve business problems and increase productivity.  He brings over 12 years of experience in web design, graphic design, web development, online marketing and information technology in various industries to SolarCure. He also has over 10 years experience in HACCP development.

Juan earned his Bachelors of Science in Network and Communications Management from DeVry University and received a mini-MBA from Rutgers University.




More about SolarCure

SolarCure specializes in helping clients combine powerful messaging and promotion with legitimate, sustainable, renewable green energy practices. When this combination is achieved, green branding and marketing practices can help to transform a business’ public perception and open up new markets of loyal customers.

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