Brigadier General (Ret.) Harris J. Kline Joins Forces With SolarCure

WOODBRIDGE, NJ–(Marketwired – Jul 22, 2015) – Raymond Saluccio, Founder of SolarCure™ is pleased to announce the appointment of Brigadier General (Ret.) Harris J. Kline as Chief Legal Officer (CLO) of SolarCure™. General Kline will play a critical role as SolarCure™ moves its working sustainable blueprint to create both a positive societal and environmental impact for our country and particularly its veterans. SolarCure™ was designed by Raymond Saluccio as an impact investment with a mission to generate a measureable beneficial social and environmental impact for all to enjoy alongside a significant financial return for our investors.

General Kline has served numerous tours throughout the world and received countless medals, accolades and awards both foreign and domestic for his outstanding support of the United States Air Force’s Legal Corps. While on active duty, General Kline helped close Clark Air Base, Philippines and personally practiced before Filipino judges, securing the release of 63 U.S. servicemen on international hold for which he won the American Bar Association’s Distinguished Service Award. He was the first Reservist to serve as Head of the Air Force Legal Office at both the American Embassy in Canberra, Australia and at Payar Lebar Air Base, Singapore.

Gen Kline created, established and supervised the first program geared to the support of families of deployed reservists; which was adopted across the Department of Defense and was key in establishing humanitarian efforts for Bosnian children during and after hostilities in that country. Gen Kline spearheaded the legal effort to repatriate 1900 evacuees from Lebanon in the wake of hostilities and provided legal support to the massive tsunami relief efforts in Thailand. He recently triumphed during his tour to the Republic of the Congo to teach the Rule of Law to its newly founded professional military; which he did in their native French.

SolarCure has created multiple platforms that add humanitarian purpose to any company’s profits in delivering a green, eco and veteran friendly conscience brand. This solar powered branding tool enjoys approval from the myriad and vast majority of consumers who desire to purchase products and services from companies that concomitantly and positively serve and provide for our global societal and environmental needs.

“To have the leadership of General Kline and all his talents that led him to great success in his illustrious military career has already created a sense of calm and order in the hectic and challenging environment often associated with start-up companies such as SolarCure™.” Raymond Saluccio

General Kline has completed a series of in-depth briefings on SolarCure’s business practices and model and has become fully familiar with all aspects of the endeavor. He is in full support of and agreement with SolarCure’s mission, goals and objectives to improve global environmental welfare as it provides secure futures for veterans and healthy profits for investors.

“As I looked deeply into this company, my initial thought was how many positive effects this organization [SolarCure] will have on our country, our deserving veterans, and the environment as a whole to ensure a greener more positive world for future generations. During several meetings with SolarCure’s Founder, Raymond Saluccio, it became clear to me that this established businessman, inventor, named Ernst and Young’s 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, is capable, motivated, determined and poised for success to improve the environmental and independent fuel position of this country while securing positive professional careers for our deserving veterans and enhanced financial profits for investors one adopted solar panel at a time.” Brigadier General (Ret.) Harris J. Kline

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