Solar-Powered Press Releases and Solar-Powered Search Engine Optimization (SEO)™

We all know the benefits of green renewable energy. We all know the use of press releases to increase web traffic and search engine rankings as it enhances your company’s visibility. Now, SolarCure’s Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program has packaged the two to become a powerful leading marketing tool used by companies within the United States.

No one can guarantee higher rankings for your website. However, SOLAR POWERED SEO is the process where a press release is optimized for search engines to increase it’s relevancy in search results.Once the press release is sent to over 1,200 media outlets, the general premise is for bloggers, editors, reporters, and other figures in the media to garner interest and write their own stories, most likely with links back to your website for even more exposure.

Although achieving higher rankings for your website comes from many variables, a company profile on the SolarCure website with keywords that link back to your website is one of the legitimate and reputable variables.

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