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Trident University has been in operation since 1998. The university’s faculty and staff have an incredibly diverse background, many are SMEs in their particular field, and amongst the faculty, 90% have achieved a Ph.D.

Trident University is headquartered in Cypress, California and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Since 1998, Trident University has been dedicated to serving the needs of a highly-motivated adult student population from diverse professional backgrounds and experiences. It all starts with respecting each individual student and surrounding them with supportive staff and faculty who are compassionately committed to their success. It’s our student-centered approach and our dedication to continually improve the student experience with the latest technologies and teaching methodologies that has made us so well-respected and admired by our students, faculty and staff alike.

Trident University has become the University Choice for tens of thousands of men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and today those proud servicemen and servicewomen make up a significant portion of our student population.

Personal Interview with Thomas Katsahnias, National Director of University Partnerships & Veteran Affairs 

How does helping our veterans and environment make you feel?

This is something that pleases us, as a large portion of our current student and alumni population is made up of veterans. It’s important to help the environment, and although it’s not a value that is outwardly and publicly defined by the University, it’s protection is important to all of our lives.

What about the Adopt-a-Solar-Panel Program did you find the most interesting?

Allows us to help veterans in a unique way!

Please tell us a little about yourself and your background

Former US Army logistics officer and Iraq War Veteran.  I currently lead a team who is responsible for forming partnerships with veteran friendly companies to educate their workforce through a regionally accredited institution that has over 90% doctoral prepared professors, and at an affordable price.

Has Trident received any awards or recognition you would like to share?

Why do your customers (students) select Trident over others?

We understand their wants and needs, our 90% Ph.D faculty, ease of accessing classes wherever they may be, our focus on academic excellence, and our commitment to individual and collective student success.

Are there any charity or community efforts you would like to mention?

We are active in charity and community. Most recently we have donated to the Philippines Typhoon relief effort (raising north of $3000), Toys for Tots, and a local event called “Race to the Base.” You can read more about these here: http://www.trident.edu/news-february-21-2014?pid=2373

Is Trident part of any business organizations?

We are a regionally accredited body, courtesy of WASC. http://www.trident.edu/accreditation-status